Battery Storage

Solar panels generate the most energy during the day whilst the sun is shining, however this is also the time you and your family will use the least energy and have the lowest consumption levels.


What is it?

A battery storage system allows you to store unused solar power to use when most suitable for you. The battery storage converts and directs solar power to where it is needed.

Any excess power generated above you needs can be exported back into the national grid. In the event of grid blackouts, the battery storage system will switch to “off-grid mode” using power stored in your battery to power your home. 

Battery storage systems are an additional item to Solar PV Panels and are something you should consider if you’re getting solar panels fitted. Solar battery storage can even be added to existing solar panel systems.


How does it work?

Solar panels will generate your electricity during daylight, once the system has powered your usage the extra energy generated will charge the battery back-up system.

When the panels stop generating electricity (i.e. the during night) the inverter will use the free stored energy from the battery back-up system to power your usage. When the battery storage system is empty and there is no more energy stored, the system will then take power from the grid to continue powering your home. 

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